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Patrick A Pontillo, Wuerlgate???


For Pontillo...the guy who posted "Irony Central" right below
the 09-29-16 post.  
After re reading the mentioned article, I'm holding a Pity Party for Pontillo.  ( rub your right index finger across your right thumb with a sawing motion.  You have just
created a mini violin.  Now play "Pagliacci" and say Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!  Poor Pontillo!!!! 
The man who slanders and degrades innocent people then whines because nobody likes him and can't tolerate him or his false allegations.  Many of his victims attempt to assault him, break his apartment door in, swing cement pavers at his head etc...  Why Pontillo???  Do you understand why???  Your victims know why.  Haven't you figured it out yet??!!??

When he began writing fiction, he should have posted a notice that he was no longer writing facts. (He should have notified his readers that he had switched over to fiction)  
Instead he may have assumed nobody would notice because it had been over 36 years and who would remember the actual facts? 


ENEMY CENTRAL, the lone survivor... They began with slandering us online...till death made them part.
What new horror is in store for the innocent family who 
dared to try to stop Cipolla??  What's Pontillo's next attack going to be???  What will "The Father Of  Lies and Deceit" 
do for an Encore..........?!?!

This is one of Pontillo's Pity me blogs with slurs directed at
anyone he chooses...then he brags incessantly about his body and his money of which he has neither.  Buy a mirror Pontillo
and this time open your eyes when you look into it.  You'll see something that's just as disturbing on the outside as you are on the inside. 

Irony Central: The triple security clearance status of Wuerlgate author Patrick Anthony Pontillo vs the triple cover-up of Donald Wuerl

The Invisible Man ... The *Wuerlgate* Author. The one whom fact-checked liar Thompson said doesn't exist --- The one whose existence Wuerl & Bill Donohue never acknowledge.In a world where the truth is strange, stranger than fiction, there's an irony in the enmity between Wuerl and all of good will who know how vicious Wuerl is. Wuerl and his pit bull, Bill Donohue, are regarded as the holiest. In contrast, the *Wuerlgate* author, one known to get a widow's furnace work- ing at 3 AM, in the middle of Winter, free of charge, is made out to be the demon. Yet, he's the one with all of the... more »

09-18-16    Dedicated to Patrick A Pontillo  "Liar Extraordinaire"

Added to 07-25-16      06-20-16

Please understand, my blog is for recording and for dialog with a man who inappropriately  slanders mine and my family's name and reputation on line...with no remorse or any sign of stopping.  He also promotes a pedophile ex priest  named Anthony J Cipolla, who molested my two sons...when they were 12 and 8 yrs old.  

PONTILLO wants to convince everyone that ex-priest Cipolla was never guilty of pedophelia at all which is a downright lie.  The Church hushed it up...but it still happened and won't go away.

Pontillo would have you believe that the Catholic Church paid out that $3,000, settle Cipolla's lawsuit problems with a different young man...because the Church had it in petty cash and they were just gullible and made a big deal.  Pontillo also says that Pope John Paul II...personally laicized Cipolla just because he could.  Wake up Pontillo, Popes don't do that on a whim.  There was more than sufficient evidence...including Cipolla's lies and excuses under oath to The Signatura.  What did you think they were going to do when they discovered that you, Cipolla lied to them??  I know the answer.  You thought you wouldn't get caught, didn't you??? 

Cipolla kept thumbing his nose at The Roman Catholic Church.  He ridiculed those in charge and caused embarrassment and friction with his slander and his actions.  He repeatedly disobeyed his superiors and did pretty much exactly what he pleased.  
But...lying under oath (perjury) to The Vatican's Highest Court, The Signatura, put the nail in that coffin.  The Pope got involved and Liacized him...and that sealed Cipolla's fate.   
Pontillo claims Cipolla was actually innocent.  (Really??, Pontillo???)   The Roman Catholic Church isn't stupid and Pontillo you're certainly, not very bright.  Although if you ask Pat's opinion, he'll say he's a genius. Pontillo is trying to make old news into new news
by changing the scenario and the outcome.   

Basically...I just want Pontillo to stop his character assassination of us and stop trying to convince people Cipolla is not a predator.  He's still alive isn't he??  Still "Tutoring Youngsters" ... I heard...!   Why kids Cipolla??  Tutor Adults...or...aren't they stimulating enough for you??
I still believe Pontillo is Cipolla...or a hologram.   

Fr Anthony Cipolla and Patrick A Pontillo.........


Why do you persist Cipolla?  No one will ever believe you are innocent, or the down-trodden martyr
that you pretend so hard to be in these Pontillo/Cipolla blogs.  The Pope would never have made a decisive move against you if you hadn't been the cur you so vehemently deny being.  You used your status as a Priest to prey on children.  Now I don't know what you went through as a child, but I'll be willing to bet your parents would not have allowed or condoned a full grown man molesting and performing deviant sexual conduct upon your person when you were a child...even if he was a priest.
So why do you damn us, for taking a stand against you???
In my heart of hearts, I believe you are guilty of many more assaults than you have been accused of.
I also believe that Padre Pio knew you were tainted when he met you as a child.  He pegged you as a prideful and self deluded kid with a hard road to go down.  A road of your own choosing. Only on your road, you weren't carrying a wooden cross on your carried the weight of your own sins, till you were bent on all a Cur Dog.
I will always remember 1978.  You hurt my children Cipolla.  I am sure God forgives you by now.
I have not, though God knows I've tried.  At one point I hoped I would.  In 1992 we learned  that only 3+ years after we dropped the charges on struck again in 1982 and in 1988 the boy filed papers against you, saying you had molested him for about 5 years.  Cipolla, it started only "3"+ years after you molested my sons in 1977-78.  If I hadn't dropped those charges on you...1982 plus wouldn't have happened at all.  LIVE WITH THAT Cipolla, I have to.


re: one of your posts about us.

You say I'm Stupid...I say so what, you're a Liar.  I may not have your vast education but I'm far from
your caliber of naivete.  Maybe you should be checked for Alzheimer's.

Where do you get all these lies and convoluted reasons and excuses for tormenting us??
Why can't you just leave my family alone? needed to be stopped.  Don't you even
care about the damage you did?  You damaged my sons.
For years we have had to deal with it.  Or!! it still  "All about you"???

02-29-16 this is a new post, aimed at Cipolla/Pontillo...the villains of Wuerlgate.

How dare you say I bash Gay People.  Your lies are becoming more and more damning each week.
I don't bash gay men or women.  I hired and fired gay people the same as any other employee.
The gay couples I know are no different than anybody else...and the heart wants what the heart wants...this is the only difference I ever saw.  My gay friends...they're God's Children too.
They're like average married couples...and they don't molest children.

But   (This disgusting a whole different matter.)
Yes I abhor pedophiles.  All pedophiles.

They should let children grow up to make their own decision.  What kind of priest are you??? Children are gifts from God.  Why do pedophiles feel it's their bound duty to assist and oversee the corruption of the minds and morals of these innocent children?  Children shouldn't be thinking about
or experiencing sexual contact, at 8 years old and 12 years old.
Why would anyone force sex on a child?  When there are so many willing adults out there?
Growing up is difficult enough, without that type of intrusion into their lives and minds.  

Pedophiles are a selfish, self loving, predators.    


I've heard of a front gate, a back gate, tailgate, tollgate, aggregate, irrigate, fumigate, navigate, and a few others...but not wuerlgate, until 2015. ( It's a derogatory term, meant to demean Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  I could put that together ...  What is that Nut trying to accomplish?  Besides more Hits.
It's crass and in bad taste.  I don't think Cardinal Wuerl has ever punished anyone, who didn't have it coming. With all the frauds and "15 minutes of famers" popping up, many making false claims for attention or recompense or both.  It's been a real mess to clean up and restore to normalcy, thanks to what (you types) fouled up, Cipolla.

You brag in your blogs that you willfully go on the attack and verbally assault people of your choosing...just like you do to us.  Why would you brag about that?  You are admitting you're a jerk and then you get angry when somebody calls a spade a spade.  WTF Pontillo/Cipolla????
You are either good or evil...there is no middle ground Pontillo/Cipolla.  How can you continue to try to assassinate Wuerl's and my family's integrity and then turn around and claim you are a righteous man?  You are no such thing, Pontillo/Cipolla.  You aren't even in the same ball park.


How can you be an accomplished equipment operator, ironworker, concrete worker and yet, so disabled, you can't breathe, plus highly allergic and puny enough to win a disability.  I guess you just are, what you say you are, at the moment...Pontillo/Cipolla.  It all sounds pretty fraudulent to me.  
Do you know what a "fraud" is?  You!!!  I'll bet you a dollar, in someone's personal word bank dictionary, Your names pop up when looking for the definition of  a "fraud".    

In answer to your remarks on your 10-09-2015   Cardinal Wuerl Blog.

The only time I mentioned 1987, was when I repeated what I read in your blog...(Cipolla stopped molesting Tim Bendig in 1987...after starting in 1982)...which was only 3+ years after I turned him in to the Pittsburgh Police in 1978 for Child Molestation.  He was out of control.  What if it was your child?  What would you have done??   Try to think outside the box sometime Pontillo?Cipolla?
Step out in the real world and savor the bitter with the sweet.  Forrest Gump's mother was right!! "Life is like a box of chocolates"....."you never know what you're gonna' get."  Somehow we ended up with ?you?,  harassing us with online lies about us and then there's the threats that you lob at us.

By some stroke of bad luck we fell into the Fr Anthony Cipolla trap, his mission: was and may still be, to pervert young boys.  He has stated that "he isn't gay."  He likes to molest young boys and twist their minds... which gave him a feeling of power.  There is a big difference, between a man who is gay and a child molester.  The molester, he's the weird guy your dad or older brother or cousin, warned you about.  The one who hangs out at the subway station, street corners, lavatories, places where there is a slow steady stream of traffic, to choose from.  All these guys are interested in is the underage boys.  Unfortunately, some young boys are spirited away and murdered by these molesters
when they hurt the child or the child balks and panics. Then fear overtakes their senses.  They are already aware that they are committing a crime, so panic sets in from the fear of being caught.  These guys don't care about those kids...just themselves.  The victims are usually casualties of  broken or dysfunctional home environments...and are just enjoying the friendship and attention of this new friend....till it turns weird.

Nobody but NOBODY  thought to warn you about a Parish Priest.


Pedophile is an adult who is Sexually Attracted to children.  It's a sickness, a mental problem.   Pedophiles never stop being sexually attracted to children.  They become more cautious because thankfully, the majority of humans on this earth find Pedophelia to be reprehensible.  
More than half of the assaults go unreported.  
Most of these children don't want to rehash the assaults due to the guilt and embarrassment
it causes them and the questions and the looks and the innuendos.  A child will stay silent to avoid that shame, even when the child is hurting inside from it.  (That is also why there are usually repercussions later.)  In that case the only person to suffer is the child...until the effects become evident...and then the child and the entire family suffers.  Occasionally the outlying cause comes to the forefront and the Pervert is caught and punished.  A parent never forgets the assault on their innocent hurts then and continues to hurt as you see your children suffer the repercussions.
It's a wound that never really heals.  It's like an alien abduction...with the poking and prodding, the manipulation...then it's over and you ask yourself...did this priest really do that to me and why????    

Often the child stays silent because they feel guilty.  Although they know it was a wrong thing, it was a curious bad thing, so the child feels guilt.  They think " I must be bad too."  
Pedophiles psych children include them in the blame...for "their own" molestation.   How depraved is that!??

First they win your trust, then they rip out your soul, defile it, and give it back to you to deal with. Do you pretend it never happened and hope it never happens again?  Most times that is exactly what happens.  Do you tell your folks?  Not often.  Children don't want to hear, "you should have known better"...or "how could you let that happen?" ...or " why didn't you say something?"  At first the child is in shock...wouldn't you be?  The Embarrassment...and the shame. ( All due to a throwback from the
Ice Age whose base animal instincts rule over honor and humanity.)           
I read that there are many heterosexual pedophiles.  I also know that just because a male or a female are homosexual, that doesn't mean they are sexually attracted to children.  That takes a special
kind of  creature, a degenerate who needs to emasculate the victim, so they choose innocent, easily corruptible children.  Corruptible because children crave love and affection, kind words and encouragement...all the things the pedophiles offer...with that one fatal flaw.   You can't tell the difference by just looking one in the eye.  They are very deceptive.  Sooner or later someone notices 
something unusual or ends up on the receiving end of unwelcome familiarities on one's own person. 

What they do with that is entirely up to the individual.  Usually the victim stays quiet from shock and embarrassment.  Avoiding further contact by avoidance or distance.        

Pedophiles are on a road all their own.  They chose it....when it came to that fork in the road.  They took it.  They have an insatiable desire.  Ever wary, ever vigilant for the perfect opportunity to slake the fire burning inside them.  
The reward that drives them must be "powerful" to motivate someone to risk it quench that fire, even one time.  But it's never just one time, is it??? 

The psychiatry reports I've read online say most pedophiles are repeat offenders.               


Tomorrow is December 1st and Pontillo still drags our good name through these twisted blogs of his. He says they are facts but they are not.  Simply because Pontillo writes things in his blog and calls them facts, doesn't mean they (are facts).  They are not facts unless they are true.  That is the most important part of a fact.  "TRUTH, comprende' Pontillo??"    
I believe, Pontillo's stories about Anthony J Cipolla are all contrived to garner sympathy for Cipolla and collect contributions to further their cause.  
"The Bishop Had It In For Me" stuff is what Cipolla told his family and anyone who would listen...he used it in Rome.  He convinced Conte that he was the victim.  Yes...the Bishop was angry with Cipolla for causing and spreading so much malcontent.  Twice the Church had to go to his rescue for sex charges made against him by 3 children.  The first time:  I dropped the charges and it didn't cost anyone a cent as far as I know, we never asked for money nor was there money or favor offered.  
The Diocese Attorney was on retainer I'm sure.  
"But".. it took a (ton of money) to bury it, the second time.  Second time got everybody's attention.   Cipolla made a splash when he victimized Tim Bendig because instead of Tim keeping Cipolla's secret, Tim got an attorney and went public.  I remember reading articles in Time Magazine about Cipolla, after it all came to light.  It was in all the papers from The New York Times to The Pittsburgh Newspapers, out West, just about all over the United States...
There was always some mention, on and off somewhere, all during the negotiating and fact finding period, between Mr Bendig and his Attorney and The Bishop Wuerl and the Attorneys for the Church.      


I wonder if Cipolla and Pontillo will drag their lies about my family and Bendig into 2016...?


Oh God they did.  They won't give me peace....


Pontillo/Cipolla is still lying and tormenting me.   He's a Bully...but I'll wager he changes his tune face to face with his adversary.  He whines like a girl about me and I'm just a 70 year old lady, imagine if I was a man.   Incidentally, why are people always wanting to beat him up or attack him?
He talks about others having to defend him, why does he piss people off to the point that he needs to be defended?  He sounds like people must view him as a jerk...when he's up close and personal with them.  For instance, the other employees he claims to work with.  He must be a real drip in person.

All I know is, he's absolutely obnoxious and only imagines he is "all that." Did Cipolla get a face lift?
Pontillo/Cipolla resemble each other.  Could they possibly be one person?  Who knows and who really cares?  All I'd like out of this blitzkrieg that they have carried out against me and my sons is for them to cease with the lies about us.


His Wuerlgate sites can be interesting, but when it comes to  (Wuerl and Cipolla and Bendig and my family, "IT'S ALL LIES"... he made it up.)  Now the question is...if that whole section of his blog
is a lie, what percentage of the remainder is suspect too?  Is it...all lies??  20%? 35%?? 75%???  He's making money feeding his followers the stuff of Sewer Pipes...every time he gets a HIT on his noxious lies, in his offensive blogs.  He is just malicious,  so I've been told and he walks with the Great Red Dragon.  Hmm!??  maybe he does.  It must be, because he is a great liar. "The Great Liar?"
He's just gathering souls, his followers, his disciples.
If you can put aside the fact that his writings are totally inaccurate in his Wuerlgate blogs,
they make decent fiction in that particular genre.  Cipolla/Pontillo is indeed a writer, a writer of derogatory fiction.

Pontillo/Cipolla, can you spell "Scandalmongering?"
You are like a Hyena, devouring people's lives and pissing it out on your blogs where you peddle the shit.    (I apologize to everyone who reads this blog for any offensive words or remarks except Pontillo/Cipolla)   I would never purposely hurt anyone's feelings, except maybe Pontillo/Cipolla..and it would only serve to bare witness of the truth and rebuke their crushing lies.     

Saturday, October 1, 2016 do you explain this????


Another writer who follows Pontillo's blogs too, wants to weigh in.

Meet Anonymous poster # 4

Why? Because I saw Pontillo had linked to her blog.

"Hi MaryAnn ,post at your discretion.I lost your personal email address when we moved.
This is a warning to all Catholics hoping to read blogs by those who share the same Faith. As we know, good priests have been persecuted by certain Bishops who consider them disobedient for reporting to either the Chancery or the police the pederasts that share their rectories or seminaries. But we need to realize that there are clerical pederasts who have used this same excuse when they were found to be unfit for Ministry. One such case is that of the recently deceased Anthony Cipolla who, despite being defrocked by the Pope for credible evidence, maintained his innocence blaming a Bishop who is not popular with orthodox Catholics.
One of Cipolla's victims hired a lawyer which forced the Pittsburgh Diocese to settle out of court rather than incurring full publicity.Another chose to remain anonymous . Cipolla continued to pose as a priest even on EWTN. He hosted retreats to Croatia and ran the Padre Pio Refuge to which people donated believing him a "Persecuted Priest"
Privately, he and a friend launched a campaign to destroy the reputation of an elderly mother whose children are now grown and were the first to go to the police. It was thought they would not fight back because they never followed though with the prosecution.
Fortunately, I saw she did speak out. With the help of her grandchildren she started her own blog and I was able to connect her with Randy to get her to send the legal evidence she has kept in her possession and truth out about the history of Pittsburgh Diocese.
Aside from speaking up for good priests who come forward, we should never judge off hand that clerical pederast victims are liars.
Many Catholics never hired a lawyer or even thought to sue the Church. Instead they went to their Bishops trusting they would do the right thing to protect other children. They were convinced it was best for the Church not make it a public scandal.
I lived in one such Diocese and heard the criticism from parishioners after one set of parents finally went to the police and it was in the news. Then other families came forward whose daughters were molested. They all brought the crimes to the pastor each over a period of ten years and all had been assured privately by him that the guilty priest would be prevented from repeating the offenses.
They were mocked by many Catholics in the parish who said they were just, "money grubbers" and "liars".


5 Pittsburgh Priests Went to Prison

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 28, 2004

Seven priests from the Pittsburgh Catholic diocese have been arrested for child sex abuse. Five went to prison, accounting for 5 percent of the 100 who did so nationwide. The seven:

* Rev. Richard Ginder: Former editor of prominent Catholic publications, including "Our Sunday Visitor," and official diocesan censor. Placed on 10 years' probation in 1969 after police searched his Squirrel Hill home and found photographs of teenage boys performing homosexual acts and diaries documenting his own acts. Stripped of priestly duties in 1976 after publishing a book criticizing church positions on sexual morality. In 1978, convicted of sodomizing two 16-year-old boys. Sentenced to up to four years in prison. Died at age 70 in a 1984 car accident.

* Rev. Robert Wolk: Former pastor of St. Thomas More Church in Bethel Park and one-time assistant chancellor of the diocese. Accused in 1988 along with fellow priests Richard Zula and Francis Pucci of sexually assaulting two altar boys. Sentenced up to 10 years in prison.

* Rev. Richard Zula: Pleaded guilty in 1989 molestation of a 15-year-old altar boy at Seven Springs. Sentenced to up to five years in prison. Had been pastor at SS. Mary & Ann Church in Marianna, Washington County.

* Rev. Francis Pucci: Left his post at Immaculate Conception Church in Washington, Pa., in 1987, a year before state police named him and two other priests as suspects in the sexual assault of two former altar boys. Charges were dropped because statute of limitations had passed. Forced into early retirement and banned from public ministry. Died in 2002.

#* Rev. Anthony Cipolla:# Arrested in 1978 for allegedly molesting a 9-year-old boy. Charges dropped when the boy's mother withdrew the complaint. Banned from public ministry after a 1988 lawsuit and# forcibly laicized by Pope John Paul II in 2002. Maintains his innocence.

* Rev. Richard Dorsch: Charged in 1994 with molesting a 13-year-old boy at North Park. Sentenced to up to 23 months in jail. Resigned from the priesthood in 1996.

* Rev. Edward Huff: Accused in 1992-93 by several families from Swissvale and Bessemer, Lawrence County, of molesting their sons. Sentenced to up to five years in jail. Resigned from priesthood.
Never arrested Pontillo?  Cipolla was arrested and deemed guilty after years of Cipolla causing dissension
here and there in the diocese and everywhere he went with his lies and gossip.  He downed the Church, and spread lies and collected charitable donations which went to private use.  Cipolla thought he was above the law...immune.  Pontillo wants you to believe that Cipolla was innocent and fraudulently accused.  Don't waste your time, your money or an ounce of pity on these two leeches.

Any original material on these pages is copyright © 2004. Reproduce freely with attri

Friday, September 30, 2016

Pontillo, Cipolla, Pederasts, Donald Wuerl and Me


ATTN:  Pontillo
...a question from a reader, thru this blog, because there
is no question or comment format on your blogs Pontillo.

Since the writer is highly regarded, I am happy to oblige.  

A question from a reader sent to my blog since Pontillo's blogs  have  no question or comment format.

Q Pontillo, are you admitting you are a thief?

Q You made at least two  attempts to get the Pittsburgh Diocese to admit to have been protecting Torquato as a practicing predator sodomite. Both times it appears your alleged accusations were dismissed. Despite the fact that it may have been true, your attempted performance as a legal eagle was abysmal., so was the way you obtain your "evidence". In your own words, it appears you are also a thief.
Would the Home Advisor certified company you work for approve of you taking private property from the property of a  "religious institution" they contracted with.

A "I was delivering drywall on my day off to an attic which had the shoebox
full of the James Torquato evidence.  The scope of the Fr. Torquato abuse
scenario was later conveyed to me.
Then, the evidence was given to me."
Q WHICH EVIDENCE?  what you got from Michael or what you found in the attic of the property of the place you delivered sheet rock to?

A "I NEVER made as much as a dime off of my online writings.  Randy Engel
and Jason Berry can never say this.  Thus, money was not my motivation."

Q What is then Mr Pontillo?  The popularity of Google  "hits" to your blog? 
You are an online star in your own sick little mind.


Attn:  Pat Pontillo/Tony Cipolla aka (Fr Anthony Joseph Cipolla)

I read your latest (blurp) on which contains so many fabrications...
Do you actually think, the more times that you lie and pervert the truth...the better your chance that your lies will magically become the truth?'s not your Birthday and your blog is not a Birthday Cake or a Falling Star.   Your (wish) won't come true, no matter how tightly you close your eyes and blow...or wish.  (Reality Check!!!)  Your lies will always be lies...and eventually you'll figure out what a gullible fool you have been for listening to Cipolla's lies.

You could turn over a new leaf...and tell the truth.  You won't have the social problems you complain about on your blog.  Maybe you should examine yourself and figure out why people want to beat you up or get you fired.  Could it be your self righteous attitude, or maybe it's your incessant bragging...that angers people.  Maybe you are one of those individuals who like to stir up trouble and then leave, just as the dodo hits the fan.  I'm not a professional profiler but Pontillo, I've got you pegged.  You and Cipolla are using the (Crimes Cipolla committed), by twisting the truth  and inventing scenarios, for views on your blogs and to  muster sympathy for a guilty, serial child   

Rapist | Define Rapist at

unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim. 2. statutory rape. 3.

(WHY PONTILLO???)  Below is a pile of lies you recently posted....notice your date and today is really 
July 1, 2016 )  Why?

                                      I have replied in bright red like this, to his blog which appears below                                                           

July 06, 2016

Blatant Proof that Thompson Was Lying about the Detectives, Arrest, Harassment, etc.

This article assumes that you know of a Diane Thompson (aka Mangum) who  
       (they should, you have blabbed it all over the internet Pontillo)
claimed that the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla was arrested
in 1978 on account of her "filing charges" against him.  This article equally
assumes that you also know of the same Diane Thompson claiming that she
was hideously harassed into "dropping the charges" against Cipolla (which
were never filed in the first place.)   She claimed that she did so in less than
one month after having filed them.

(I tried to warn you that Cipolla lied to you back in 2009 and 2012 and that you were committing libel against my family but you wouldn't listen.  I didn't lie about anyone.
(A habit you both should cultivate.)  
PONTILLO....Do you know that arrested also means stopped?!?  And...he was.    

Of course, no charges were ever filed, no indictment of Cipolla ever occurred,
no arrest of him occurred, and therefore there was no harassment, vandalism,
or mysterious "attorney for the diocese" that she claimed approached her and
talked to her.  In as much, proof that she was lying about having been con-
fronted by a "lawyer for the diocese" is that dioceses DON'T GET INDICT-          
ED ... arrested ... etc.  Only actual people do.  If Cipolla actually were arrest-
ed .. which he was NOT ... an attorney would have showed up on the seen and
said to Thompson, "I'm the attorney for Anthony Cipolla."  Being that Cipolla
was never indicted or arrested in 1978, he had no need of an attorney.  Diane
Thompson is merely a fact-checked liar who lied about the arrest which never

(Cipolla was put under arrest July 25, 1978 after questioning and his room 
at the rectory (searched, and evidence was confiscated.)  Cipolla was then 
released to Fr Newell on an OR (own recognizance) Bond, pre arranged by 
Bishop Vincent Leonard, who guaranteed Cipolla's appearance on August 28, 
of 1978.)   

Incidentally, when the Pgh Post Gazette stated that Wuerl went to Rome with        
a copy of the "Police Arrest Report," it was referring to Diane Thomspon, aka
Mangum, reporting that police arrested Cipolla in 1978.  If Cipolla were really
arrested, there would have been .... not a police arrest report ... but rather, "an
indictment, followed by an arraignment and the setting of bail.  Wuerl had no
such document in Rome, because Cipolla was NEVER indicted, never arrested,
never arraigned, never finger-printed, etc.

(Again Pontillo, I am still in possession of the original Police Report and 
Newspaper Article.  I told you that from the start.  It's proof positive, 
that you lie.  You once dared me to post them online, but "who are you"????!
 You claimed my sons are liars, and that they framed Cipolla.)    

Diane Thompson lied when she claimed that "detectives" told her that, if she 
didn't file charges against Anthony Cipolla, that he would get away with what    
she claimed he did.  Remember that no one filed a private criminal complaint
against Richard Ginder in 1978, and he ended up getting arrested and charged
with criminal conduct.  Ginder was a priest ousted from ministry by the late
Bishop Vincent Leonard, the same bishop whom Diane Thompson defamed.

(Pontillo has lied about us for years and it has to stop!!!!!!)  How did I 
defame Bishop Leonard?  I said he called 3 times and asked me to let the
Church handle Cipolla.  He said Cipolla was sick and the Church would
send him for Psychiatric Treatment.  Back then, I don't believe the Church
knew Pedophiles can't be fixed.)  I sure didn't....

Diane Thompson said that her windows were broken and her tires were slit,
as an act of retaliation and intimidation, on account of her filing her imaginary
charges against Cipolla.  She also said that the imaginary vandalism committed
against her was the reason why she moved out of Pittsburgh.  Ladies and gentle-
men, Diane Thompson, (aka Mangum) left Pittsburgh, because she couldn't pay
her bills there.  She did not have a sugar daddy in Pittsburgh.
(First, I was married to a Disabled Veteran who suffered head
trauma when the vehicle he was in flipped and rolled over a cliff 300 ft. 
He spent time in and out of the Veterans Hospital in Pittsburgh.
He was often gone and not much help because of his growing alcoholism.
He was prescribed a lot of medicine such as Thorazine to control his
delusions...he was told not to drink, but he did daily.  This was 1978.
Our truck was vandalized, window broken, threats by phone and US
Mail.  My son was slapped across his face by a Cipolla/Church supporter and
our front tire was slashed too...)
   (Pontillo and Cipolla use my family and Cardinal Wuerl to attract hits on
their blogs.  They don't care that they are feeding you a load of merde.
They are only interested in the cash they will earn if you click on their blogs.
They also don't care that their lies are hurting my family.)

PLUS, she was renting at the time.  If windows of her dwelling were broken,
it would NOT have been the mere matter of her packing up and leaving.  The
landlord would have gotten involved and called the police, demanding prosecu-
tion and restitution.  The police would have questioned Thompson, as well as
Cipolla and Cipolla's known friends.  Then, Diane Thompson would have been
summoned to court, to testify against whoever ended up being charged.
(We fixed the window for $5, it would have cost four times that amount
if I had called my landlord.  He would have called Steel City Glass.  
We didn't see who did it, but we knew why they did it..  

( What's the name of that law school you "wish" you went to Pontillo?)

Furthermore, if Cipolla really had been "arrested," he would have been out on
bail, and his bail would have been revoked if he manipulated his friends into
breaking apartment windows and slitting automobile.  In all of Thompson's
2015 web log posts and Pittsburgh Post Gazette interviews, she never men-
tion Cipolla being out on bail.  If he really were arrested, she would have
been invited to the arraignment and speak to the judge, concerning the
amount of bail to be set.  Of course, she lied about her tires being slit,
her windows being broken, and her being harassed.

(Wake up Pontillo, you are not the reincarnation of Clarence Darrow and you don't
know your bum from a hole in the ground about the Law, Bond, Bail or Judges.  But
I do.  I was came along more than 30 years after the fact.  And you think
you know more than me and my family about what happened 37 years ago? "Priceless")


PONTILLO/CIPOLLA    re:  Your blog dated May 29, 2016 which is 19 days from today. 

I thought maybe this color might soothe you and put you in a calmer frame of mind,  to be reasoned with.  I heard you are in Florida.  My boys are aware.  Stay away from my family.  If you want to meet with them, then you better do it by legal means.  Get an attorney and make an appointment.  They know all the lies you've been telling about us.  They won't do a thing (for) YOU.  Stop calling me a liar.  You have lied since you started this whole embarrassing verbal assault on us on your blogs.  I haven't told a lie....the truth is bad enough.  No embellishing needed.
Why do you defend that Pederast?  You said you developed a soft spot for the poor guy.  

The soft spot is in your head.  

In 1978 we showed restraint and compassion for this mentally sick priest and here we all are, 38 years later still trying to fend off this serial  pederast and his alter ego Pontillo.  Will it never end?  If I were a man, this would have ended in 1978.
Everything you published in the above mentioned blog about Cipolla and my family is a lie.

Since (we) my family, were actually there in 1978 and we were witness to the goings on back then, we can unequivocally agree and testify that you are lying about everything!!! concerning my family, Cipolla and Cardinal help me God!!!!  We just don't know why.  By the way regarding your remarks on another one of your blogs, I didn't FAX my paper work, because Mr. Yauger wanted to see the ORIGINALS and mostly to meet and talk to my sons.  What else ya got???



If I keep writing about you writing about us, I'm going to be one good blogger just like you...But!!
I won't tell lies like you do.  I still honestly believe you are a cracked pot or Cipolla himself or his lover.  Maybe?!  Who the heck knows when you are dealing with Cipolla. Orrrrrr.... you've just
"bLied" on your 'blogs' for so long you went insane.

My heart stood still for a couple seconds.  Is that what's wrong with you???  You just blogged for so long, you've gone 'bonkers'???  I need to stop blogging if I'll end up like you.  Besides that, blogging is hard work...but I do have to defend our honor and good name.  Pontillo/Cipolla says he has millions of readers and thousands of followers that read and believe the 'tales he spins'.
He was and is still publishing lies about my family, "daily".  He makes up scenarios and publishes them authoritatively as facts about my family and others.  Most of his fans are from out of the United States of America.


re:  Cipolla/Pontillo/Wuerl/Cipolla/Pontillo/Wuerl/Cipolla/Pontillo/Wuerl......etc

Cipolla/Pontillo...just how big a scab are you trying to scrape open?  I still have the documents
from 1978 and witnesses to attest to all of it.  I am also aware you have at least some of your family
who believe you are innocent.
How much of that do you want to destroy?  I don't want to drag my poor sons through it all over again, just to prove you to be the Liar You Are.  But if I have to I will.

Take that as an observation...up for rebuttal.  As we say in Pittsburgh...  Pontillo,"Yer' a Jag-off "!!!!

Patrick Pontillo just conjured up a larger pack of lies about Fr Anthony Cipolla and The Thompson
Family.  I just printed them for the I have printed his other drivel.  I am writing my memoirs too, and they will be chock full of dispel any claims made by PA Pontillo, The Father Of Lies.  He lied about us from the start.


To Cipolla/Pontillo

Time to flatly deny the tripe you are pushing now about us, no one has ever cross-examined me or
contacted me about Cipolla except Douglas Yauger and Bishop Donald Wuerl, years ago when Bendig sued Cipolla.  Mr Yauger called Ann Rodgers Melnick from my phone and I talked to her
for 5 minutes or so.  That's it!!! No one has mentioned 1978 until you did, a few years back.  2009 does ring a bell, my youngest son was killed by a driver of a truck, in a hurry to pick up her child. She had a revoked license, passing on the right at 65 mph in a 35 mph zone.  My son was crossing
the street at that moment and was killed.
2012 rings a bell too.  But the "bell" of 2015!!! launched a full blown assault on us.  I didn't realize Atlantic American was also you, until 2015.  Do you SKYPE?  I suggest that we skype and actually converse instead of this petty stuff. Just a suggestion.  


This is the beginning of what happened in 1978.

My Husband was a Disabled  Veteran who was under heavy medication and was told never to drink...which he did daily. (He was confined at the Veterans Hospital a few times because he suffered from psychosis, from a serious head wound.) Cipolla took advantage of that.

It was pouring down rain one night and my kids were soaked and cold...we were running in the dark to escape my husband's rampage.  He had just grabbed our 7 year old  son and ground a lit cigarette out on his bare arm...we were shocked and happened so fast.
He would just flip out...I'd never seen anything like it before in my life.  He'd get this look and you'd know he was close to"bugging out" on something or someone.   He'd get scared/paranoid, then agitated, defensive, and threatening. He was scary,because  he could lose it and become so cold and brutal.    So I grabbed my kids up and we ran out into the cold wet October night and ran to the St Francis rectory. When we got to the rectory, Father Newell let us in and we explained what had just happened to us etc.
I asked if Father Cipolla could contact The St Vincent De Paul and see if there was a place we could find shelter if we needed it.  A place for battered women and children.
I borrowed their phone and called my sister-in-law and she drove to St Francis Church rectory to pick us up and take us to her house.  She said my husband wouldn't dare act out at his brother's house....his brother was twice my husband's size and wouldn't put up with his addled, drunken tirades.
Oh....I remember everything very clearly.

I printed my e-mails to Patrick A Pontillo so I would have the proof I need to refute any fairy tales he may spin.  I gave Pontillo permission to reprint my posts so anyone could see exactly what I wrote to him.  His interpretation of what I actually said was inaccurate and insulting.  I admit I did insult him back...but "I" wasn't lying.

Pontillo's brand of journalism is to bastardize anything he can,  to try to sensationalize his malicious rail.
I still believe that Pontillo and Cipolla are one and the same person.  If they are....I wonder if they know each other.  All I really know is they don't have their story straight. They only skim the truth for a background story, and then they fictionalize and rewrite the past (rest) to suit them...  They will then pass it all off as truth.  I'll bet it's to solicit donations for that Padre Pio Spiritual Refuge thing Cipolla was running that the Church warned people about.  That is so devious.

Cipolla is smart and he knows how to play people.  As long as there is breath in my body, I won't forget Cipolla.  If he had only obeyed the Church's rules after we dropped our complaint he could have resumed his life as a priest in good standing eventually.  In 1978 the Church covered for him but what does he do?   Three years later he's at it again with Mr Bendig another young boy.  My family wasn't aware because we moved away.  It wasn't till my sister sent me the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that my family became aware of the Cipolla/Bendig debacle that was going on in Pittsburgh...  I couldn't believe it.  Cipolla molested another young victim beginning in 1982 until 1987..he hadn't repented at all....he denied everything and he didn't go on and become a righteous man and priest as you would expect him to do if he seriously had the Calling.  I feared in 1978, he was a sneak and a
player.  I listened to Bishop Leonard and the Diocese Attorney and let the Church deal with him.
But no, instead he morphed into a cowardly lying player.  Why did I back down from The Pittsburgh Diocese Attorney and the District Attorney of Pittsburgh??? I was uneducated in law and frightened.
I should have pressed those charges all the way to the Vatican Court if I had to.  I wonder how many
victims he's had since 1978...and earlier.   All these years later....Cipolla and Pontillo continue to spread lies about the victims.  I read that Pedephiles are always repeat offenders.


I have noticed that Mr Pontillo has rearranged and buried most of his rude and insensitive remarks about us.  Maybe he is going to stop and leave my family alone.  I don't know.  I can only hope.


Well he didn't, so I won't either.  What a loser.

I am 70 years old.  I don't want to die without having tried my best to 'Stop'  Mr PA Pontillo and AJ Cipolla from making it ok for Cipolla to molest another child.  Only lies can do that.  If enough people believe Mr Pontillo's calculating epistles, it could happen.  If Mr Cipolla is believed to be innocent, people will trust him again and he will be free to prey on thousands instead of only hundreds.  I understand he still wears the roman collar etc his normal M O...but he can't be freely accepted as a priest in good standing because the Pope laicized him for refusing to obey his bishop and doing pretty much what he wanted to do, except obey his superiors.  He's a rebel without a clue.
He was thumbing his nose at the rules of the Catholic Church...publicly...even on television. He made outrageous claims and continues to egg-on people like Patrick A Pontillo of Pittsburgh Pa. to harass and debase people he doesn't even know personally.... just the lies and excuses of an old pervert.
There's Mr Bendig and my children and myself and we can't forget Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who endures the pair's assaults on a daily basis.  


I have made copies of the rude and obnoxious articles he posted online...and has now moved or archived...which initiated my writing to Mr Pontillo in the first place.  I hope he does stop casting aspersions and concocting rumors that are just not true.  I am re-posting them with my answers
written or typed in.


 Mr's C and P, Just what exactly are you touting when you say the words Fact Checking?  You can't possibly be looking for the truth, which is so missing in your blogs, so you must be looking for an excuse.  Mr Pontillo, there is no excuse for what Cipolla did.  Accept began in 1977, he was caught in 1978 and started again in 1982 but it went on until 1987.  Then *arrested as per one of (*pa pontillo's wuerl blogs) in 1988.  Pontillo was ALLEGEDLY repeating what Tim Bendig told him.  


Pontillo/Cipolla...I read your post today and here is my response.  (Yawn)!!


Five Days till Christmas....don't you just wonder what kind of Crap Pontillo/Cipolla will spew in 2016....?


Pontillo/ Cipolla...Please Read!!!

I'm tired of the game you are playing and no matter what you say or do, I will not put you in contact with my sons.  They want no parts of you/Cipolla.  Your comeuppance is forthcoming, thanks to the loquacious individual who demands to weigh in and be heard.  "tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock." Remember....lies are temporary Pontillo...only truth is permanent.  Of course you/Cipolla have no
concept of "truth."  Karma is headed your way and Karma is usually met 10 fold and fraught with retributive justice.  I'm glad God likes me.


So Pontillo/Cipolla...I guess you finally read my blog all the way through...because you commented on sooooo many points...when only the day before you published the exact opposite viewpoints.  Did you forget?  "Thee protest too much Pontillo."  "Your blogs are without a doubt, grossly embellished with Lies."


Please understand.  In 1978 many factors entered into my decision to drop our charges on Anthony J Cipolla.  Pleas from Bishop Leonard was just one factor.  The harassment on the telephone from
Cipolla's supporters, coupled with written warnings, broken window, cut tire and the assault on
my son, by the neighborhood grocer was the accumulative backlash for daring to call the police on
Father Anthony J Cipolla.  The Diocese Attorney was very forceful in his delivery, he made sense, after I watched him talk at my sons.  They were petrified after about 3 minutes.  He told them that they would be forced to talk about what happened, in front of 100 men and women and that Cipolla's Attorney wouldn't be as nice to them as he was....(and he was a bear.)
This was one month, not two....after Cipolla was found out the first time.

"You" began the mudslinging at my family, It wasn't me. I found out in 2012 and asked you
to stop.  You did stop, as far as I know.  In April 2015, I became aware that you were slandering  us again and Writing Out and Out Lies about us in a couple of blogs.  Almost all of it is now online for people to see, (what was actually said in print between us and not just Pontillo's dramatized version that he translates to his readers instead of letting them read it for themselves.  Big, Big difference
between what I actually wrote and his interpretation.

I proved that you are rude, explosive in nature, your words are creative fiction which parallels truth...
but only intersects at the beginning and the end.  You pick a subject, take out truth and what you don't like and you inject your viewpoint, which seriously lacks unbiased truth then it's back on track until it halts at the end..  All for the Hits.  
I can prove most of what you say about us is a lie.  But...there are times, when an idiot could see you are making this stuff I don't have to justify your delusions.
There are times when you write like William S Burroughs, and sporadically like Poe.

I know your life sucks Cipolla, but you made your own choices.  Every average human being on this
earth has to make dozens of important choices every single day.  Admit it, you failed.  Just like Eve and Adam, you had a taste for the forbidden.  
You opened the wrong door this time Pontillo and instead of trying to back off you up'ed your barrage of lies and innuendos on us.    

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pontillo...Wuerl's nemesis still uses the Cardinal for blog hits


Pontillo suspected Sociopath...

sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one's goals.
Click below and see Pontillo's reaction to the Truth......

How to Spot a Sociopath (with Pictures) - wikiHow

                   By one of my readers.....

ATTENTION PONTILLO...Your Cat is out of the bag!!!!!

After reading the horrible things that Patrick Pontillo prints about Diane Mangum and her family and how he tears apart anyone who disagrees with him such as Tim Bendig, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Ann Rodgers, Randy Engel (Should I go on?….the list is getting ridiculously long), I felt compelled to write you.  Just a couple of things I would like to point out:
  1. Patrick falsely represents himself, where he lives, what he does for a living, etc.    In fact, it is rumored (and I will be confirming via photographs) that he goes by the name of Mark and resided with Anthony Cipolla.  Cipolla’s rent was paid through September, so “Mark” would need to move out before then.  (Interesting, isn’t Patrick going away?)
  2. I am told Patrick has a documented mental health diagnosis.
  3. After speaking to a friend of Patrick’s, it is believed that he is a true sociopath.  More to come on this.  
  4. Cipolla lived with Mark and other roomies at one time or another.  
  5. Cipolla was effeminate.  Anyone who was in his presence for 5 minutes would tell you this.  
  6. Cipolla claims that both Diane (on behalf of her sons) and Tim Bendig decided to accuse him of child molestation after Cipolla refused to help them financially (that’s original).  
  7. Cipolla was a priest for 16 years in 1988, yet was never a pastor.  Cipolla was transferred numerous times, some of those times because he could not get along with his pastor or other priests.  
  8. Cipolla was racist, giving a black housekeeper at one of his former parishes a cat and naming it an Italian derogatory name for a black person.  
  9. Cipolla molested other boys…some of whom will be going public in the near future.  
  10. More to be disclosed in the near future.  

Hey Pat, remember when you did something that you didn’t want anyone to know about….yet somebody does….well, exposure just might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  

It appears to me that Pontillo is upsetting more than just me with his lies.


If you peruse Fr Anthony Cipolla on Google, you will see why Cipolla was "Fired"  as a priest.
He really thought he was above the law and used his talent to convince people he was a holy man
beyond reproach.  He fooled so many people...and he particularly targeted folks with money and empathy for his supposed plight which was just camouflage.
He used St Padre Pio a lot.  I even heard that he had Padre Pio's shawl.  That would be a Relic.  Was it sent back to Rome?  What a valuable Relic that would be to the Church.  Hopefully, someone is safeguarding it.  A wealthy Catholic would pay millions for it.

I just found a little something I need to post, which also points out that Cipolla tormented his "bosses" Bishops...etc.  He did pretty much as he wanted and it took years to stop him. Cipolla lived a double maybe triple life, where he owned a multitude of addresses...not actually real estate, just addresses...for PO Boxes.

Don't get me wrong, if Cipolla was homosexual...that is totally irrelevant.  Even straight guys are breaking the law if they molest children.  The problem was Cipolla forcing his preference on innocent children.  It was exposing my little boys to homosexuality before they even knew what it was.  I didn't even understand what it was back then, I believed it was an illness.  Today I know better. They didn't understand and I didn't know enough to explain what or why it happened. So I said Cipolla was sick and The Church would fix him. What ticks me off, was Cipolla lying and denying it by saying we lied about him.
We weren't looking for a oneway ticket to hell!!
Only people like Pat Pontillo/Cipolla lie like that.  He likes to tempt fate/God.

Pontillo, your mama only told you that you were her "lil' Einstein" to encourage you, not because it was true.  That's what mama's do.

I keep telling you Pontillo, you are wrong and I've given you plenty of time to back out and save your credibility.  We gave you so many facts to help you and you still kept posting lies about us.
Pontillo, I can prove you've been reading my posts by your posts.  Want me to post some for you?
You are digging a hole in your credibility you'll never ever fill.  Your name will forever be associated with the word "liar".
I tried to warn you that Cipolla was an accomplished liar.  He had this look he used that expressed the deepest concern when he wasn't even paying attention.  I used to see him at the rectory, I worked there part time.  His mind was usually somewhere else. I know he practiced in front of a mirror, he looked in the mirror in the foyer a lot...for a priest, I guess. I didn't believe priests were superficial.
At first I believed he was unsure of himself.  It turned out, not to be the case.  He was the first vain priest I ever met...he was pleasant enough and he used that (so concerned look) to trick me and he
used my trust and permission to be with my children privately.  I put my son's right into the lion's den. I've had to live with this sick mistake for 37 years.  

Here's a piece I pulled from

As for the former "Father" Anthony Cipolla, as I understand it, he has been involuntarily laicized, which means he has been returned to the lay state and is no longer clergy. He remains a priest, of course, but without license to exercise the power of Orders and is "automatically deprived of all offices and roles and of any delegated power" (CIC 292), except he is allow a confession of a person in danger of death (CIC 976).
He was accused of molesting a child, but claims he is innocent. I do not know whether he is innocent or not. From what I read, however, he is certainly arrogant and disobedient. That alone can cause the bishop or Pope to defrock him (laicization).
In 1988 Cipolla was banned from ministry, from identifying himself as a priest, dressing like a priest, calling himself "Father", or saying Mass for anyone but himself. He flagrantly thumbed his nose at the Bishop and did these things anyway. His rebellion was not quiet but very public, including concelebrating Mass on EWTN (EWTN did not know of his suspension) and conducting ministry from California to Bosnia. It was for this reason that he was laicized. His rebellious and disoedient behavior made him a danger to the faithful. Given those circumstances, he deserves laicization regardless of whether or not he is guilty of child molesting.
St. Teresa of Avila once said, "The more we see failure in obedience, the stronger should be our suspicion of temptation."
God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary 
PS saying "I am alive for right now"...are you implying that you and the Sicilians you mentioned are going to end my life??  What does it mean???
No Pontillo, you have no problem with Vesuvius anger...   
So does that mean you are a cold blooded killer?  What are you implying???
You've been hurting me and my family to the point of depression and anxiety and damage to my heart from the lies I have to defend my family against, until you stop this insanity.
How dare you tell those lies about my sons.  I never talked like that about my children to anyone, least of all you.


07-13-16    What did I tell you?  Cipolla was embarrassingly insubordinate dealing with the rules and regulations in the priesthood.  He thumbed his nose at the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church...and did what he pleased.  The poor Bishop had his hands tied as to what to do with this Lying, sneaky, child molesting creature who down rated the Church and his Superiors.  I have no idea where he got followers from.  Fact:  Don't trust either Cipolla or his sidekick Pontillo.  Read Below.....

Established in 1844: America's Oldest Catholic Newspaper in Continuous
Catholics Cautioned about 'Objectionable' Magazine

By Chuck Moody
Pittsburgh Catholic [Pittsburgh PA]
January 7, 2005

Diocesan officials are cautioning clergy and the faithful that a magazine that has been distributed in some area churches is published by a group that is not an official ecclesiastical organization and is associated with a former priest who has been declared “dismissed from the clerical state” by the pope.

“In a number of our parishes, we have found that there has been the distribution of a quarterly magazine entitled ‘Thorns and Roses,’” said Father Lawrence DiNardo, diocesan vicar for canonical services and director of the Department for Canon and Civil Law Services. “This magazine is published by the Padre Pio Spiritual Refuge Inc. They are based in Pittsburgh. They are not an official ecclesiastical organization.

“The primary organization that honors St. Padre Pio is operated by the Capuchin Franciscan fathers in (Pittsburgh’s) Lawrenceville (neighborhood). The Padre Pio Spiritual Refuge Inc. is headed by a person known as Anthony Cipolla, a priest who has been declared ‘dismissed from the clerical state’ by our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.”

Cipolla was banned from ministry in 1988 by Bishop Donald Wuerl following allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Cipolla was laicized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.

St. Padre Pio was a Capuchin priest who was canonized in June 2002. St. Padre Pio of Pietralcina, Italy, who died in 1968 at the age of 81, bore the stigmata — the bleeding wounds of Christ — for a half-century. He also was well-known as a dedicated confessor.

Contributions in memory of the late Capuchin priest should be made to the friars’ Province of St. Augustine in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. The number of the province development office is 412-682-1300.

Thorns and Roses contains material that is “certainly objectionable,” Father DiNardo said.

“Such as attacks on the hierarchy of the church and an article authored by ‘Father Anthony Cipolla,’” he said.

People should be aware of several things regarding the magazine, Father DiNardo said.

“Once again, reiterating that Anthony Cipolla has been dismissed from the clerical state by order of the Holy Father,” he said. “Secondly, that the Padre Pio Spiritual Refuge Inc. does not have ecclesiastical approbation.

“Thirdly, that Thorns and Roses does not have any imprimatur from the church. And fourthly, if people have a devotion to St. Padre Pio and wish to make some sort of charitable contribution, they should not do so to the Spiritual Refuge Inc., but to the Capuchin Franciscan fathers.”

Any original material on these pages is copyright © 2004. Reproduce freely with attribution.